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Petition for Safer Main Street

David L. Buser, 102 Main Street, Old Wethersfield, CT, resides at the intersection of Main Street and Garden Street. Those interested in contacting him in this regard may reach him at (860) 721-0757. His petition appears to the right. (2001.10.01)

In the weeks that followed this original posting, the Hartford Courant newspaper interviewed Mr. Buser and other adjacent and concerned neighbors, all of whom confirmed Mr. Buser's concerns. Chief Karangekis promised to look into the situation and take appropriate action. Within the last couple of days, the WPD has installed traffic assessing devices on Main Street just south of Garden. (2001.11.02)
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Checking speed and numbers


I'm David L. Buser and I live at 102 Main Street. I'm a concerned individual who is taking up a petition for concerned people of Wethersfield who live near or around Main Street especially at its intersections.

I'm most concerned about the speed at the intersection of Main and Garden Streets.

My family and I have witnessed many speeders and stop-sign 'runners' for years. Recently, I lost my dog because of a speeder. If the individual had been going the speed limit, there was a good chance they would have stopped in time. Because of the road condition and the speed, it was impossible to stop in time. They skidded for a number of feet before stopping. The road was wet. The posted limit is 30 MPH.

I think that the limit should be lowered to 25 MPH because of the congestion of cars in a neighborhood of children.

Main Street has turned into a sort of drag strip which is was not years ago. I have seen too many people go right through the intersection without stopping. It is an accident ready to happen every day. Every day there are speeders who do not obey the speed limit.

I hope that the Wethersfield authorities take some interest in what I am saying: people just don't slow down.

I have seen many accidents, a person die, children almost hit, and I have complained many times as has my family too.

Would you please do something about this time-bomb? Lower the limit. Set up radar in the morning and when people get out of work as well as when children get out of school. You will see for yourself; this will be a wake-up call for all these people who don't obey the speed limit and stop signs.

This will be a great help to the community and the town. It is just too busy and I'm trying to stop what I feel will be a real tragedy or accident. It's ready to happen. Please do something about this.

(Signatures of concerned individuals who would like something done about this followed).

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