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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry
Is Celebrating 350 Years of
Continuous Service
1655 - 2005
! Our Nation’s Oldest !

Come, One & All !
Enjoy the Ferry Ride To & Fro
Across the Connecticut River

Ferry Landing
(289 Meadow Road)
CT Route 160
Rocky Hill, CT
1,000 Feet Across
The Connecticut River to
Ferry Lane in
Glastonbury, CT

Oldest Ferry in Continuous operation in America, since 1655 - the Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry, CT
Looking East from Rocky Hill toward Glastonbury.

Celebrating 350 years of continuous service, the Rocky Hill – Glastonbury Ferry (the other way around if you are from Glastonbury) is the oldest continuously operating ferry service in the nation and a state historic landmark. Through the efforts of the Historical Society of Glastonbury, it is being nominated this month for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

This year, 2005-2006, the Towns are celebrating this ancient tie to the earliest days of our colony. The Ferry provides a peaceful alternative to the frantic highway crossings of the river that divides our state. This and the Chester – Hadlyme Ferry (dating from only 1769) are both on State Bicycle Trails.

The Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry, owned and operated by the State of Connecticut and part of CT Route 160, passes between Ferry Lane, Glastonbury, to Meadow Road, Rocky Hill, during the warm half of the year: usually from April 1 until October 31, river conditions permitting. Usual hours of operation are Monday to Friday: 7:oo AM to 6:45 PM. On Saturday and Sunday it runs from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Usual fees are: $3 per care (including driver) and $1 for each walk-on or biker. (Commuter discount rate with prior purchase of coupon book: $2 per car.)

According to a 2004 report, the Capitol Region Transportation Plan noted:

"The Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry is a unique element in the Region's transportation plan....The ferry plays a special role in serving local vehicular traffic between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury, and it plays an important role for bicyclists. Motorists traveling between parts of southern Glastonbury and Rocky Hill can cut nearly 8 miles (one-way) off their trip if they use the ferry. For cyclists, the ferry is even more important since bicycle access to the Putnam Bridge (Route 2) between Wethersfield and northern Glastonbury is not allowed. The ferry is the only crossing for cyclists between Hartford and Middletown. Without the ferry, cyclists face a barrier of over 13 miles with no way to get across....The Council of Governments supports the continued operation of the Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry for the benefits it provides local motorists, cyclists, and tourists and for its value as a historic resource."

The RH-GB Ferry can carry 4 small cars or 3 SUV or pickups, amd additional bikes and walk-ons. It has been recognized by the CT Tourism commission and may eventually be listed as a Historic Landmark nationally.

Free, ample parking is available nearby for those not needing to transport their vehicles across the River. The Ferry provides about 80-100 crossings per weekday and about 50 on weekends. Busiest times are during rush hours: from 7 - 8:30 AM and 4:30 - 6 PM on weekdays.

For ferry alerts call the CT DOT hotline at (860) 563-9758.