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     All of us at Wethersfield Podiatry & Foot Health Services (FHS) welcome you to our practice and we look forward to assisting you find the best level of foot health and care possible.

     Located in the Oldest Town in Connecticut, ours is a general practice of podiatric wellness, medicine and surgery since 1975. Foot Health Services is a solo practice that serves the people of Wethersfield, its sister communities (Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, Cromwell and Newington), and the region. We are striving to provide the highest level of care and service to our patients within the ever growing limitations imposed by the federal and state government agencies, the private insurance industry and patients' personal preferences.

     Foot Health Services serves a diverse adult and adolescent podiatric population. We at FHS focus on the patient's chief foot concerns and then strive to accurately diagnose the foot health problems. We, whenever possible, offer appropriate care options in consultation with the patient. Among the array of services, FHS provides individualized examination and consultation for life-limiting and troublesome foot problems. We offer second opinions about care recommended by other health care providers as they pertain to your feet and ankles.

     Our national organization is the American Podiatric Medical Association, that is the APMA). Podiatrists are bestowed the degree and title of "Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). This degree is conferred by Schools of podiatric medicine. Dr. Sokolowski was awarded his BA degree from Valparaiso University (Indiana) in 1969 and his DPM degree from the Temple University (Philadelphia) School of Podiatric medicine in 1973. He completed his internship in Illinois where he also taught for a year at the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.

     Conservative options and care are always offered before other more extensive or surgical options are considered in many instances. When appropriate, we offer simple or extensive forefoot surgical care, for but not limited to: bunions [pix], bunionettes, arthritic joints, fractures and broken bones, hammertoes, bone spurs [pix], growths on the feet and tumors [pix], and other deformities and conditions).

     We excel at and provide a highly effective, permanent correction of ingrown toenails. We provide options for the treatment of and frequently the elimination of fungus toenails using modern topical (applied) and oral (pill) medications. We offer and use an array of treatments for common and plantar (bottom of foot) warts [pix] - (More...).

     Pain in the toes, feet, or ankles is a common complaint of the patient seeking our attention and assistance. Among the most troublesome is heel pain syndrome (sometime referred by the layman as "heel spurs") in one or both heels. Such pain is sometimes likened to that of a tooth ache in the foot. An extensive list of more conservative options are usually exhausted before any aggressive treatments are considered.

     Where a patient's primary foot problem also creates ankle, leg, knee, hip and back problems, we may recommend the fabrication and fitting of special in-shoe, foot-controlling, custom-made devices called functional orthotics. Evaluation, care, and podiatric fine-tuning of the feet of athletes may also require the use of these in-shoe devices.

     Athletes are not the only ones who suffer from "athlete's foot" [pix], a fungus infection of the skin. We also care for many patients with a variety of foot skin conditions, such as "ring worm"[pix] and yeast infections, skin infections [pix], chemical, medical and allertic rashes, winter skin fissures [pix], excessively dry skin, sweaty skin, with or without objectionable foot odors.

     Where permanent correction of structural and functional problems are not advisable, possible or not desired, FHS also provides repeated, comforting (palliative) care for corns, calluses, and toenails. Some patient may require special attention on a continuing basis for the management of high-risk feet because of diabetes, poor nerve sensation or perception in feet, the use of Coumadin or immunosuppressants, and poor blood supply to the feet. If the needs of the patient appear to exceed our ability to effectively help, we promptly refer the patient to a more appropriate venue or provider.

     Our Wethersfield practice continues to grow because people who have entrusted us with their care feel comfortable and eager to refer their friends, neighbors and loved ones to us also. We are easy to find. Click here for directions.

     We look forward to serving you, your family and friends too !

Dr.Ken Sokolowski

& Staff



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