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Disclaimer of responsibility for health care information presented at wethersfield.net

The observations and opinions offered on this site are based on my training, reading, discourse and twenty-nine (29+) years of experience in the profession of podiatric medicine and surgery.

These opinions are not meant to dissuade any reader from seeking the advice and care of his or her own personal physician or other, appropriate and licensed health care provider. Rather, the visitor or reader is strongly encouraged to seek out and establish a meaningful relationship with such a provider who will have the opportunity and responsibility to examine him or her and offer individualized health care directions and services.

The reader, who acts on the observations or opinions here without the guidance and concurrence of such a professional, responsible and licensed provider, wholly and personally accepts all the potential risks for which I will not be held liable or responsible in any way.

No promise of success or guarantee is to be associated with or inferred from these observations and opinions. The observations and opinions are offered because they have helped other patients in the context of my professional practice over many years and they have the potential for helping others too. They are offered in a helpful vein.

I wish all who consider these observations only the best of health and well-being.


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